My Notebook
with Chris Cote
"God is giving me a new experience"
"Start building ~ I'll meet you there!"

  I remember that morning like it was yesterday. It was early. Wednesday, April 17th.  I had just finished pray- ing and asking God what he wanted me to do that day. Clear as a bell it came to me. "You wanna paint? You need to create a place in the basement where you will be comfortable to do it. Start building ~ I'll meet you there!" I wanted to paint but, I didn't understand what the rush was all about since I didn't have any supplies and had no money to buy them.  I almost dismissed what had come to mind but, then it came again. Even stronger this time. "Start building ~ I'll meet you there.!" What does that mean, I thought?
  No time to waste I headed downstairs and begin to make a place to work. A studio! Within a few hours it was finished. I sat down to take a look at what I had done and rest for a moment. Just then my phone rang. It was a nice lady (who wants to remain unknown) telling me she wanted to drop by and give me something. She came right over. She gave me $150. and said specifically: "this is for your painting supplies." Wow! By late afternoon I had the supplies and now it was time to set things up. Next I wanted to take time to watch some instructional videos on YouTube to prepare to paint.
The studio when I first finished. I've changed the easel for a smaller table easel for now. Oh no Snoopy, we'll never see him now that he has this stuff. These are the brushes I was able to get that day. Here's some of the paints and accessories.
And "a happy little tree here."
  If you don't know who Bob Ross is, you probably are not a painter. I am kidding of course - but, Bob Ross is probably the most loved of those who shared his gift on PBS for so many years.
  His soft voice, personal style when talking about what he is painting and amzingly quick painting made The Joy of Painting so popular. I watched his show for many years and still do watch them online.
  After a few hours (many hours) of watching videos I was excited yet nervous to begin my first painting on my own.  Finally Saturday afternoon I went to work or "play". It was fun!
Where to begin and how?
  I sat there with an empty canvas and nothing in front of me for reference. I had a picture in my head ~ now I just needed to get it on the canvas.  I selected the colors and began to paint. I was amazed as I painted. It was so much fun and it actually was turning out much better than I hoped. Using the tips from Bob Ross I just kept painting. An hour and 45 minutes later I was finished.  I sat there in amazement at the painting. All I could think was . . . it's a good thing I took a few photos as I went because no one is going to believe I painted that.
  Easter morning I went to the sunrise service and at the breakfast showed the first few people photos on my phone. Yep, they said: "you didn't really paint that?" But I was happy to say, God guided me through it and I was so blessed. 
Some good beginningsMore life is added. My happy little crazy shaped tree - my nodd at not every tree being a "perfect" shape - but, God made it perfect. Just before I added the finished lake and foreground
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He loved many places but, Bob Ross loved the State of Alaska, and this is what I pictured in my mind as I sat down to do my first painting. It was so much fun painting this and I could hear Bob's voice saying "and this tree looks lonely . . ."
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God is so GOOD! Thanks to all of you
who have prayed for me. It works! Amen.
My Story

Chapter 2

My Story

Chapter 2

From there friends ~ it's all history!
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My Story
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