A Special Mission
A Special Mission
A Senseless Slaughter
Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church
  There are no words to express how I felt when I heard the news about the 9 people killed by a lone gunman at their mid-week Bible study on the evening of June 17th.  I couldn't wrap my mind around the kind of hate it takes to be that cruel. Pure evil. And to think it all took place in God's house was unthinkable. I knew in my heart I had to do something but didn't know what.
  On June 21-24 I took a leap of faith and went to Charleston, SC, knowing that God would use me in some way. I created a special newsletter to share with what what took place.
  In the photo is Rev. Keith Hunter who is the pastor of a Wesley United Methodist Church near Charleston. We were strangers - now great friends!
Because Jesus Lives, so do I   ~Chris
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