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Kingdom Tour - 2010 - Swaziland
Journey Ends - Adventure Begins!
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It's a week I've been waiting for. Welcome Pastor Brett! 
It's hard to believe that this journey is almost over.  This week is going to fly so quickly past us.  Don't miss a minute of it. And please remember us in prayer.  It's going to be a long hard week for us! GOD bless you.
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Shiloh kids send a beautiful gift of love to Swaziland!
Thanks Kid's City Konnect for this great blessing you sent me through Brett!
Friday, March 19 - Getting off to a rough start today
  It's days like these that I am happy to know that so many people are praying for me.  Ze was willing to give me a ride to town to meet the kombi. I was not surprised that when we backed out, the bumper of the car caught on something and broke.  The bumper of this car has really been a challenge for Ze.  A shoelace fixed the problem and we were on our way.  Next was a problem at the border of South Africa.  They didn't want to let me in because my passport is "full".  You can see that page 24 (the last page is completely blank and then of course there is the cover.  So what's the problem?  Well, it
appears that you are not permitted to use the final page of the passport. I am so thankful that the lady who owns the kombi came with us today and she was able to convince the person at passport control to allow me to enter the country but, now you must pray for me so that I can get this problem fixed at the U.S. Embassy in Swaziland or I will not be able to leave on the 29th as planned.  We have a crazy week ahead of us but I must now find a way to take time out to get this taken care of.  Imagine what a mess it would have been for me not to be able to be there to meet Brett and work out all the other details from Swaziland.  Only GOD could move in this situation so that I could continue on my way today.
Did you know that you can't use the last page of your passport for anything?  I can only imagine why?
This should say:

WARNING: Do not use this page!
Brett Arrives Safely
  On time and safe!  It was an
amazing thing to see Brett as
he walked out of customs with
his bags in South Africa.  It's
been a long wait but the day is
finally here and the tour can
  We went to get a bite to eat
and drink before leaving the
airport.  As you can see Brett
is looking a little tired.  He's
only been traveling about 26
hours. Can't imagine that he
is tired.
  He was able to call Dawn and go on facebook for a little while. He is resting now and I am almost ready for some rest too.
So long South Africa! Hello Swaziland!
Saturday, March 20 - Oh deer!  Brett is really in Africa!
Johannesburg, South Africa ~ It's our first day together in Africa. We
have such a crazy schedule for Brett's whole time here that I thought
it would be a good idea to let him sleep in this morning. It was near-
ly a whole day for Brett traveling to South Africa.  Africa Centre has a
really awesome breakfast buffet including: made to order eggs and
omelets, a variety of other breakfast foods, breads, juices and of course
coffee and tea. 

  After breakfast I we had our first briefing.  That included some time for us to pray, practice some SiSwati and seeing a film about Swaziland.  I can't believe my pastor in finally here with me.  For a few years I've been praying that one day Pastor Brett would come to Swaziland.  There's no way I would have imagined this would happen during this journey.  It was GOD that directed me to ask Brett to come at this time.  Timing is everything - and it's GOD's timing that we want in our lives.
  We thought we might be on our way to Swaziland by noon but it was after 1:00 pm when our driver came to get us.  That was
ok with us since we had a chance
to eat lunch before our long ride
to Swaziland.  We were traveling again with "Airport Connector", run by Veronica Dlamini.  Our drive - Simon, was such a joy to be with. The journey to Swaziland is roughly 5 hours and it gave Pastor Brett and opportunity to see South Africa and some of Swaziland on the way.  Both are very beautiful places.  We gave Simon Brett's CD and we ended up hearing it for the next couple hours.  He was so happy about this gift from the pastor.  We had some nice conversations with him along the way and we were singing a worship song about Jesus in SiSwati as we approached the border.  It was great.  We arrived about 7 pm and many of the kids at REMAR Christian Centre were waiting for us. With 20 minutes of arriving Brett and I sang for them.
Sunday, March 21 - We've got a testimony!
Malkerns, Swaziland ~ For those of you who know Pastor Brett - no, the photo below is not from the I.C.C.M. Banq-et.  I know that's when you will usually find Brett wearing a suit but this time he's at Word of Life in Malkerns. As you can see from the photo to the left . . . it's a humble place that will soon be filled with praises to GOD. We were so blessed to share our testimonies and music with every-
this morning.  The enemy does what he can to discourage and distract in every way he can.  When I was preparing to play the music for our first song, I discovered that my IPOD, which we use for the music as dead. It is not the first time my fully charged IPOD was dead when I went to sing somewhere.  The weird thing was, prior to getting up to sing someone had come in with a DVD player and they had a tough time getting it hook-ed up and it kept causing the sound system to go off.  I couldn't imagine what they needed that DVD player for. Little did I know that we would end up needing that to play our music.  GOD knew what HE was doing and I didn't.  What an amazing thing GOD did for us.  We shared our testimon-
ies of how we came to Christ and it was a powerful time for all of us.  We presented the church leaders with some of Brett's CDs and a PEI ministry pin. 
  After church we went quickly to Ezulwini to meet the Chief Counsel of the Ministry of Finance of Mozambique, but we were unable to connect with him and we were pressed for time as we needed to get back to Manzini to meet with the folks planning the concert for Saturday at Redeemed Christian Church of God. 
  In the photo you can see Pastor Brett talking with his wife on his Swazi cell phone in what looks like the ruins of Rome.  I had an idea for us to do our youth rally for them in the unfinished sanctuary.  After some discussion everyone got excited about it and Lord willing - weather permitting we will have the concert in that place.  They have quite a bit of work to do to prepare the site so it's clean and safe.  PRAY for the rally.  It's from 3 - 5 pm this Saturday. (9am-11am EST-USA).
  After the meeting we went quickly home to change clothes to go back to Ezulwini to meet the man I mention-
ed earlier but we were not successful in connecting.  We had stopped for a quick snack before going home to change but now we took the opportunity to have a good - relaxing dinner (that's Larry & Susie) at the Royal Swazi.  It has been a long day and we are now ready for some rest.  We got a call from Patience (the host of the Breakfast Show - Swaziland's version of Good Morning America) to let us know we need to be there at 6:30 am tomorrow.  (We'll have to get up around 4am to be able to do that.
Breakfast Show
Swaziland's version of GMA welcomes Chris & Brett on KUSILE Breakfast Show
Monday, March 22 - Let the crazy week begin!
Mbabane, Swaziland ~ It's not unusual for me to get up at 4:00 am (even in the USA), to begin my day of ministry but, when I had to wake Pastor Brett at 4:30 this morning to be able to reach Swazi TV in time for our guest appearance on Swaziland's version of GMA (Good Morning America), I wasn't sure how easy it would be for him.  There was a long day ahead of us.  I talked with my mom on the phone for about 10 minutes while Brett was getting ready.  We had to be on the road at 5:30.  The sun was just coming up as we drove.  The show went well.  We were interviewed about the Kingdom Tour and where we would be and what we would be doing.  It was great. 
  We had to move quickly after the show to be in Manzini to begin recording six weeks of shows for The Living Word which airs on Sunday evenings on RADIO SWAZI heard throughout the whole country of Swaziland.  We finished 4 of the 6 shows by 11:30am and then headed quickly back to Mbabane to see if I could get my passport fixed since it is full and I can't leave the country.  GOD worked a miracle for me and we actually met the person who does that as she was leaving for a meeting.  She arranged for me to get the passport back in only a few hours.  HALLELUJAH.  From there we went to Ingwazi Newspaper for an interview about the Kingdom Tour. Then we drove back to Mazini for a brief stop at REMAR to pack some things for our overnight in Nkhaba.
  Once we were packed we were on our way again.  This time it was time for us to spend some time with the orphaned children at Mas-undvwini Orphan Meals.  We took a short cut to get there that was so interesting (bad roads) that I was not sure we would make it in our little Toyota Yaris.  We did it!  We were there before any of the staff
This was a day for the kids to meet Brett and for Brett to get to see what we are doing at M.O.M.  The kids really enjoyed seeing us.  Sadly we were not going to be able to stay for the whole time because we still had a bit of a drive ahead us to reach Nkhaba before it gets dark.  We stopped at the US Embassy to pick up my passport, got some groceries and began our final journey of the day to spend the night with Pastor George and Octavia.
  Pictured above is part of my Swazi Family.  They are friends and neighbors of mine at Nkhaba.  George and Octavia gathered them to greet me and meet Pastor Brett.  This was a total surprise and a blessing.  Also, both Peter and Samuel (Pastor George's sons) were present and Ionda (a young boy that I help sponsor in school here).  Ionda has grown so much and he is doing very well in school.  It was nice to be with everyone.  Brett and I shared some music with them and Brett gave everyone a CD.  The ladies prepared an amazing dinner for us and after dinner we had a time of prayer and a song.  As you can see everyone was very happy.  They welcomed Brett into our family and told him they hope one day Dawn and the kids will come with him to his Swazi Home in Nkhaba.
Tuesday, March 23 - The Battle is on!  PRAY for us!
Nkhaba/Manzini , Swaziland ~ What a blessing to be at Fundukuwela High School again!.  Even more special to be there with Pastor Brett.  More than 800 students and again a problem.  This time my portable sound system was dead.  What did we do?  We sang without it.  Yes, for 800 students and they actually heard us.  I preached using the words to a SiSwati song - "There's no one like JESUS!  It went very well and the students were excited about it.  Pastor Brett and I roamed from one end of the huge group of students to the other while we sang.  They were excited to finally hear Brett do Wash Me Away as I had sung the song for them many times in the past and they know it.  They even want their choir to sing the song!.
  After our time at Fundukuwela H.S. we went back to George's house for breakfast and then went to the property that PEI is asking Swaziland to give us. To the right Brett is on a huge rock where we love to take pictures when folks come to see the land.  It is so beautiful up there. By 11:00 a.m. we were on our way to Maguga Dam, and other sights around that whole region of Swaziland. What amazing beauty in this place.
  A bit pressed for time we began
our journey back to Manzini so we
could finish the final two programs
for The Living Word at the Christian
Media Centre with Lucky Dlamini.
Doing this show has really been a
great experience.  Brett and I have
had so much fun working together
on that project. 
  Below the beautiful picture of the
Maguga Dam you will find me in the
studio sleeping while we are taping
the program.  Pastor Brett wasn't
sure what to do or how so he was
hoping I would wake up before it
was my time to speak.  I did but, it
happened a couple more times in
the show. 
  After the show we went next door to Video
Wave Productions where they are producing
E-TV every month.  Several programs are
made on DVD and those DVD's are shown
on buses, in many places of business etc.
They interviewed Pastor Brett about his music and ministry and he got to sing
a couple of his songs.  It was a great opportunity and those E-TV DVD's are
viewed by thousands of people every months. In the photo Brett is being interviewed on the program.  Next we were on a mission to go downtown and exchange some money so we could continue to meet the commitments PEI has made to help several ministries. While there we purchased a DVD player for the Enjabulweni Boy's Home to go with the TV we donated so that they are able to be a bit
more selective about what the boys watch.  We dropped by REMAR for a few minutes to freshen up before going to Enjabulweni to do a program for them.  It was a very amazing time with them and their showed their appreciation by being attentive.  Wash Me Away as always, was the hit of the evening.  THANKS for YOUR PRAYERS!   (Brett is doing well! - I know some of you are probably wondering with such a tough schedule how he is doing.)
Wednesday, March 24 - Gettin' a little bit crazy
Manzini/Matsapha,Swaziland ~ What a great day this has been. It begam with a very early morning for me catching up the web-site since we were without internet for a few days.  After working on it for a long while, as you can see we are up to date.  We told our friend Lucky he would find us waiting for him this morning when he arrived because we had so many things we wanted to get to today. 
  We were taping the popular program Be The Best You Can Be with Host: Lucky Dlamini.  For more than 9 years Lucky has been hosting this award winning program for youth on Radio Swazi heard each Saturday morning throughout the whole country of Swaziland. 
  As you can see from this photo of Brett, I am not the only crazy person on the radio!  We really had a great time talking about the tour and encouraging youth on a number of issues they are facing.  It always interesting doing the show with Lucky because it is done as though it is Saturday morning "LIVE" and it's only Wednesday.  So we talk about things during the taping of the show that have not yet taken place. Will you get to hear these radio programs?  Good question!  YES!  PEI is producing a DVD that will have a video about Brett's time here, the complete Jabez Return Mission, The radio programs that I have done while on the journey and the shows that Brett and I have done together.  The DVD will be available for a suggested donation of $15.00 which will cover the cost of production and a gift to a fund to help the children of Swaziland.
If there was only time enough!
  You might be thinking that AFRICA is all desert or bush or something like that, unless you've been following the journey with us.  Cities, country, buses, kombi's, BMW's, Mercedes - all of that and more.  Today after our time on the radio we met our friends from REMAR after a meet- ing they had to discuss some plans for their future with some very generous businessmen who want to do what they can to help REMAR with it's mission to help the orphaned children, people struggling with addictions of all kinds and most of all, teaching them about the love of JESUS and offering them a relationship with HIM.
  After the meeting I drove Brett a short distance from there to a very beautiful golf resort that also has it's own game reserve and a very nice hotel.  Brett was amazed to find such a place in rural Swaziland
  Sometimes when I return from a mission trip people will ask me - "So, how was your vacation?  VACATION?  If there was only time.  If there was time, there wouldn't be money for that.  If I had money for that - I would end up investing it in helping those who are in need.  No, we aren't on vacation, however - I'm sure you won't be upset to find that I am taking a little time here and there to show my pastor some of the sights of Swaziland on his first journey here.  And while I am doing that, I want to share them with you too! After a bite to eat we were on our way to Duze to meet Bishop Vincent Gamedez - Hope Christian Church.  I knew there was a way to get to Duze without going all the way back to Manzini
first but I wasn't sure how.  Out "short-cut" took us into the
bushfeld and then some!  It was fun but much longer than I
thought.  We did finally make it to Duze and had a nice visit
with the Bishop.  This is one of the churches PEI has been
helping because they are doing such an amazing job.  We
spent about a half hour with the Bishop before continuing on
our way.  We stopped at Phonjwane H.S. to see if we could
meet up with the boy who I hit with the car a few weeks ago.
It was a sports day - so all the students were away from the
school but we did get to meet with the principal and we had
an amazing talk with here about the struggles she has with being a high school principal here.
  When we asked Mrs. Dlamini how we could pray for her she outlined several things among them was the problem of HIV/AIDS and helping those who are dealing with this disease.  Teenage pregnancy was another concern and even the issue of prostitution can be a problem for these students who are trying to find their way through this life (many who are without parents and have younger sibling
dependents.  We promised to pray for her and the others working at Phonejwane High School.  This school is only 100 yards from where my accident took place a few weeks ago.
Winning & Losing in
the Kingdom
  When we got home at
5:00 p.m. you would think
we have had a full day but,
it was time to change and
get ready for an evening of
ministry at the University of
Swaziland.  Imagine more
than 300 students on a
secular campus coming to
worship GOD every Wed.
evening!  It was awesome
to hear them praising GOD
and so eager to hear some
encouraging words from
the WORD of GOD.  They
really enjoyed Brett's music
and the message I had to
share with them.  You might notice that I am looking a little different.  I am winning and losing in the Kingdom of Swaziland.  Winning= some are coming to Christ, some are rededicating their lives, others are being moved to deeper relationships. Losing=pounds!  I am feeling good about losing some weight and hope I can continue this when I return to the USA.  All the students received a special sticker I designed which has a picture of His Majesty King Mswati III asking them to pray for the King!  They were enthusiastic about my request and gift to them - (Stickers are compliments of Swazi Design - Matsapha).
  As we were preparing to leave the university, Brett and I were sitting in the car praying and a young man came to talk to us.  It was God's timing.  He is working with AIM (Adventures In Missions).  I was happy to meet him as this is one of the organizations I've been wanting to get connected with for a long time.  During our conversation Children's Hope Chest was mentioned and this is another organization that PEI would like to associate with as they are doing an amazing job around the world.  Children's Hope Chest is founded by Tom Davis.  YES, the same one who wrote that awesome novel "SCARED" which has is setting in the very area where we are not doring our work.  I am looking forward to talking more with that young man.  GOD led me to give some financial support to this young man who asked for nothing.  We then returned to REMAR for some fellowship and late dinner!  What a day.  It's now 2 a.m.
Thursday, March 25 - Hottest day on tour
Matsapha/Masundvwini,Swaziland ~ Time to give Brett a little break!  I got up about 3:30 a.m. to catch up on some work and since we didn't have a morning pro-gram schedule (by design), I let the pastor sleep a bit extra and then went downtown to do some things on my own so he could have a little down time.  By 11:15 a.m. we were in the HEAT and on our way to Swazi Design to do a devotional time for their lunch break.  It was an interesting time and they were all encouraged by what we shared with them.  After the program we went to AVIS to settle some complicat-ions with the car that I hope are worked out without me ended up with a huge overdraft in my account back in the USA and problems with my bank. Pray! I think we have it all worked out.  We still have the car so it must have.
  We then went to Swazi Candle to have a look at what they do there and enjoyed a nice lunch at Sambane Cafe.  No carrot cake today.  What a sad moment for me.  We left there with just enough time to get to Masundvwini to sing for the orphaned children before their Bible lesson and meal.  We couldn't stay for the whole time because we needed to get back to Swazi Design before they closed.  They had some shirts and hats for tomorrow's safari.  We had the opportunity to spend some time talking with the owners about their vision for helping Swazis through the business they have created. They have the huge design business and a growing transport company.  Pray for them too. They help fund the Masundvwini Orphaned Meals program (and PEI is also helping sponsor it. 
  On Monday we were at M.O.M. observing but today we were there to minister to the  children and the music did just that.  They were stunned by the style of music!  We had just enough time to stop at REMAR, change clothes and go to New Life Christian Fellowship to sing and preach.  It was a stretching time for Pastor Brett but he came through as he always does.  That is a story for him to tell.  I won't spoil it here. GOD is so good.  The tent where the meeting was held tonight was filled to the brim with excited people.  We were so blessed!
Singing a song
the angels
cannot sing in
Friday, March 26 - Self guided safari - a great experience!
Hlane Game Park,Swaziland ~ It's not a zoo!  It's a game park.  The animals on running wild in a huge area that has been fenced in for their protection.  It's always exciting searching for these animials in the bushfeld. Within 15 minutes of arriving we had our first encounter with giraffes and rhinos.  First we saw wart hogs.  When I saw they were wet, I knew there was water closeby.  Where there is water on a hot day like today there are other animals to be found.  I was right.  Getting out of the car to go and get a closer look at the rhinos was something Pastor Brett wasn't really eager to do.  Is it dangerious? Yes!  As you can see he did get out of the car and move closer to them.
  We began the morning by getting up very early and going to Manzini Nazarene High School to do a 45 minute program for them.  It went very well.  We worked with my little portable sound system and it was fine.  The students really responded well to Brett and his music. 
  This was probably the hottest day since Brett arrived and in our small room it must be more that 90 degrees.  While at Hlane is was good to have the air conditioning in the car.  We had a few times I wasn't sure our car would make it through that place.  Toward the end of the day we noticed we were low on fuel so it was time to leave.  The problem was, there are not many place to get fuel out there.  The bigger problem was that we were on empty and the closest gas station was out of fuel.  It was quite a distance to the next one.  We prayed and trusted GOD to get us there.  It something I always talk about but, Brett experienced it with me.  We got gas and headed home.  We only had a few minutes to change before leaving for the Royal Swazi to honor Ze and Vanda for their work with oprhaned children.  Thank you LORD for these servants who faithfully serve you expecting nothing in return. 
Safari so goody!
A day to enjoy God's creation.
Me afraid? - You've got to be kidding!
Redeemed Christian Church of God Youth Rally a huge success!
Saturday, March 27 - Another hot day of ministry in Swaziland
Manzini,Swaziland ~ Sometimes my alarm ringing is like a cruel joke. I am often feeling like I just went to bed when it's time to get up.  Maybe it has something to do with going to bed at 1 a.m. and getting up at 4. We are having an amazing time of ministry but, it's so hot here that it takes some of the fun out of it.  This morning I tried to cool our room off a bit by opening the window once daylight arrived.  I tried going back to bed but it didn't really work out.  Soon I was headed downtown to take care of a few errands. Pastor Brett got to sleep in a little today which he needed.
  Today was the youth rally at Redeemed Christian Church of God.  My vision was to have this concert in the sanctuary which is still being con- structed.  It worked out perfectly.  I was a bit nervous about it because I knew we would be in the sun for two hours - but, praise the LORD, we were in a shadow the whole time!  And most of the people also found a place in the shadow.  Though it was
threatening to rain as we set up for
the rally, it didn't rain!  It was perfect.
Everyone really enjoyed the rally. I
want to thank Fola, Joshua and all
at the Redeemed Christian Church of
God for the work they put into this
rally and for being open to the idea
of having it in the unfinished sanct-
uary.  It was a blessing knowing we
were the first group to have a service
  We've been invited to join them for
their annual youth conference in Jan-
uary 2011 and that is something for
us to pray about. Brett has been
very well recieved here. It's been fun
to be able to spend so much time
with my pastor. He's so humble and
willing to do whatever he can to help
with everything and anything that is
needed.  There have been many of
those stretching moments here as
there is nothing "set in cement" here.
Hooked on Hannah
  Though we were only at REMAR for a few minutes to freshen up between the rally and an evening with our friends at Metropolitan Evangelical Church, Brett took time to hold Hannah. She is so cute and she is as hooked on Brett as he is on Hannah. 
  Last night when we took Ze and Vanda out to dinner Brett held Hannah so they could enjoy their meal. As I watched my pastor once again serve in that way I was so proud that he is my pastor!
An evening at Metropolitian Evangelical
  You've read about them in the journal here and there.  It's exciting to see this church growing, growing and growing.  Pastor Brett and his music were a hit with the congregation of this church.  Though I wasn't feeling well, I made it through our evening of ministry. We auctioned off 10 of Brett's CDs to benefit the building fund.  7.300E was raised and PEI matched that and added 400E to make it 15,000E for the fund.  PEI also bid 1000E  for the INVITATION CD.
Our last full day in Swaziland - fighting sickness!

Sunday, March 28 - Feeling the pressure but not giving in!
Manzini,Swaziland ~  Our final full day in Swaziland, Brett and I are both struggling with sinus headaches. The past two days I've had something else going on that I can't explain but, with prayer I'm sure it will be ok.  It rained nearly all day today. It was nice to escape the heat for a day. We went to the little church outside the Royal Residence at Lozitha and I preached.  It was nice to be with them again. Of course they were all happy to meet Brett (who greeted them before the message.
  After running a few errands and getting some lunch, Brett and I picked up some drinks for the farewell celebration we were having for REMAR and close friends. This place was packed out!  As you can see by my photo I was my crazy self at the celebration.  Fika came to the party and played his dejembe with Brett and I while we gave a nearly two hour concert to two different groups of REMAR kids! It was awesome.  Brett gave the Gospel and an invitation was given.  More than 20 young people responded and Ze and Vanda prayed over each child at length.  We had them stand afterwards and proclaim that JESUS had done something special in their lives.  That they are changed.
  After the concert there were some awesome snacks for all the kids.  Most of them made by the REMAR girls under the direction of Vanda.  What an amazing job they did with the party.  Everyone had such a good time.  I wasn't feeling well so I layed down on the sofa to rest and some came quietly to greet me and pray before they left.  I was blessed to have Bento, Natilino and Nelson come from Maputo, Mozambique to join us.  REMAR provided a place for them to stay.
Another special thing about the evening was, my oldest son's 21st birthday!  Congratulations Fika!  I was so happy to be able to celebrate his birthday with him.  What a blessing.  One of the girls here at REMAR also had her 16th birthday and we gave each one a cake.  I continued to rest and about 10:45 p.m. woke up feeling a little better.  Now it was time to start packing (no small task).  The only problem with packing however was that we had no electricity and packing by flash-light was not fun.  I am so thankful for Pastor Brett.  He has gone to such great lenghts to help me here.
  By 1:30 a.m. we had finished packing and if we didn't have a sense of humor it could have been a bad moment for us - after all that packing in the dark - the electricity came on.  We were just happy to have it back so that the fan would work!  HALLELUJAH!  My plan was to sleep on the couch with the front door wide open!  Bugs or no bugs the heat was too much for me but there was some cool air out there with the rain!  It worked.  Though a went to bed a little after 2:00 a.m. it was good!
35 today!
Wishing you a very Happy
Birthday Pastor!  It's a great day for you!
Send birthday email to Brett here!
Journey Ends - Adventure Begins!
Friday, April 2nd - GOOD FRIDAY - in the USA
Lititz, Pennsylvania (USA) - On Tuesday moring the South African Air-ways Air Bus we were riding on for nearly 3/4 of a day touched down just before 6 a.m. at Washington/Dulles International Airport in VA. It was still dark when we arrived.  That flight gives me lots of time to process the journey in my mind.  I usually do a two day debrief before making the trip home but, with the schedule we kept to max-imize on Brett's time with us, there was no thought of a debrief this time around.  You might say I slammed into this re-entry to the USA. There are always tearful goodbyes, emotional thoughts that cause the tears to return, and the struggle of facing the challenges ahead. That all got lost in the shuffle. 
  The first 18 hours in the USA is usually the hardest for me but, it has never been quite this hard.  Not knowing where to go, or what to do added to the struggle.  It didn't help that it was pouring down rain, cold and wind as I spend the afternoon roaming around in my car trying to think about what to do until my first host got out of work.  About 4 p.m. I gave up and parked outside his apartment and slept in my car.
  This is something new for me.  It's a humbling experience.  Difficult because, I am not on vacation I am back "home" but there is no home.  And it's time to go back to "work" but, even that is a bit difficult for me to figure out.  Much I what I have with me is stuff I needed for the mission trip.  The things I need for "work" are all stored an hour from here.  Switching those things around is not as simple for me as it would seem but I need to do it.  I'm thankful my friend who offered me a place for a couple day when I returned has now offered to make that "a couple weeks". 
  So, I am asking you to pray that GOD would help me find a home with a Christian family or elderly couple in the Lititz, Lancaster, or Ephrata ahead that would be willing to share their home with this clean, quiet, missionary who is gone 70% of the time and whom they will rarely see.  I don't require a lot of space.  A good sized bedroom with with a place for my office would be ideal.  Possibly an elderly couple who has a home that has unused space that was once filled with their children who are now grown and gone.  Please share this information with friends and family.
  Now let me thank you for all your prayers and support during JABEZ RETURN.  It's been an amazing journey and thanks to you quite successful.  Together we really made a difference.  You'll final role: EMAIL ME!  I want to know what GOD has done in your life during our journey together!  Share your testimony, comments or favorite moments with me so that I can get a feel for whether the online journal did it's job and was worth the major effort it took to keep you up to date with the journey.  Thanks!   Click on my photo to email me now!  GOD BLESS YOU!
Special Thanks to:
Pastor Brett Rush
Dawn, Jonathan, & Jordan Rush
Brushfire Ministries
Shiloh Community Fellowship
for supporting Brett on his journey with PEI's
Kingdom Tour - 2010 - Swaziland