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Fellowship     Worship      Prayer
An amazing time at Ephrata Mennonite Church on Tuesday Evening
Tuesday ~ December 19th
  What a blessing it was for us to have so many
of our friends ("family") from several churches
join us for an evening of fellowship. worship and
prayer at Ephrata Mennonite Church. 
  We want to thank everyone who came and give a special thank you to a group of people who stayed after to help put everything back in it's place and clean up.  We had a safe trip to Camp Joy in Carmel, NY where we arrived at 3:00 am.  Jeff Mohl (Urban Missionary -CBF of NY) provided us with transportation.

A Few Folks we
need to thank.

Ephrata Mennonite Church
Manship Chapel 
Lancaster Fellowship
Shiloh Community Church
TNT Youth Ministries
The Bridge Youth Center
Arkansas Tech Students
Sharp Shopper - Ephrata
HESS Gas Station

(Extended family)
Uncle Moo  
Uncle Rick & Aunt Vickie
Uncle Chris, Aunt Beth Ann
   and Ally
Uncle John, Aunt Janey,
   Scott, & Keith
Uncle Don   -   Uncle Terry
Uncle Bruce, Vickie, Kristen,
    and Caleb
Uncle Larry, Aunt Suzie,
     Daniel & Andrew
Uncle Jeff, Aunt Rachel,
     Moriah, Caanan, & Zion
Uncle Brian, Aunt Karen,
      Cam & Kyle
Uncle Mike, Aunt Donna,
       Katie & Michael
Uncle Ed, Aunt Wendy
       and Emily
Uncle Bryan, Aunt Amy & fam
Grandma Doris, Aunt Diane
   and many close, dear
   friends who we feel so
    close to.
Teddy Bear Sportwear
Stevens, Pennsylvania
for our ministry gear!

Prayer time - Tues evening
Wednesday ~ December 20th
  We are being hosted at CBF of NY by Brian, Amy and their family.  Brian in the Director of Camp Ministries for CBF.  They have become very dear extended family and friends to us.  They have the gift of hospitality (among others).  We feel like we are staying at a resort.  They take very good care of us!
  Today we did some last minute shopping after a nice luch with Uncle Jeff, Aunt Rachel and the fam!  (Thanks Jeff & Rachel).  We traveled to the Bronx with Bryan, Amy & family to Beacon Bible.  Prior to church we were blessed to have some real NY style pizza.  GOD blessed us with FREE drinks and more.  It was awesome.  (Thanks Bryan and Amy.)  We had a great evening at Beacon Bible Church.  We sang some of Fika & Bo's songs and I preached.  I stayed up till 2:00 am working on the website and answering email. 
Mission Africa Home
Thursday  ~ December 21st
  It's 10:45 am.  We've been up since 6:00 a.m. we repacked and weighed our bags and now everything is ready and it all fit.  I hope to be telling you the story of how smoothly everything went with our baggage and flights.  I'm finishing up some last minute things in the office here at CBF before we leave for JFK about 1:00 pm.  Oh how happy I will be when we are finally on the plane. I know you are probably wondering how we made out with the finances for the trip.  We still need $2600.  Please keep that in your prayers.  My roommate will continue to deposit checks for us.
  Our flight leaves about 6:00 pm from JFK.  We flight non-stop to Johannesburg, South Africa.  (17 hours) and a little layover there before our flight to Manzini, Swaziland.  I may not get to update this page until the day after Christmas.  God bless you all.  

Friday  ~ December 22nd
  We had a great flight and no problems!  Now we can begin the "real journey".  We had a small problem at customs in Swaziland but, GOD took care of it without any expense.  Everyone was happy to see us and it was nice to see the boys with their family and friends.  It was lightly raining when we arrived.  Bed was a welcome sight for all of us.  Thanks so much for praying us through our adventure from New York to Swaziland.  God bless!
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