My Notebook
My Notebook

"Sunday Sunset"
Painted:Monday ~ May 1, 2017

      People have begun requesting that I paint certain things but I haven't really taken it seriously because I'm not ready to paint some of those things yet but, I am learning. I liked the idea of painting the sunset except for "Real trees".  I haven't done so good with them but, if I don't keep trying to paint them, I will never be able to do it. So, today was another chance to try.
    When I sat down, I prayed and began to paint. I did not believe my eyes at the end of 40 minutes what the results were. Again I sat their stunned at what GOD has guided me to paint. It looked so similar to the photo.  When I stepped back a few feet I realized that I liked it as much as the photo. It even looked like a photo to me.
    It might appear to be done in black and white but their are a few small patches of blue sky like their was in the sunset. I decided not to go for the yellow/orange tint of the photo. I hope you enjoy this one.
     You said: "Paint it!" so I did.
                                                                  God bless you!
My Story
My Story
When I took this photo (TOP)
of the sunset on Sunday evening my Facebook friends said I should paint it.
I was very happy with the results.
I didn't think it would turn out quite
like it did. Painting is really fun. Even
if you don't think you will be good
at it, I encourage you to give it
a try. You too might be shocked
at what happens. ~Chris