A NEW song from Fika Dlamini
Project E.A.R.T.H. Interational
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Tuesday - December 16
  After a very long flight from JFK it was good to finally arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa on time.  I was
curious how quickly I would be able to move through customs and find Faith for my ride to Swaziland.  The
attendants were very nice to me.  The airline had a wheelchair waiting for me and someone to handle my bags
for me.  I was softly humming the Swazi worship song I've been teaching everyone in the USA.  It only took a
moment for the people with me to begin singing the song.  At baggage claim more people joined in the song.
Even at customs people sang with us.  As we came out of customs some police were standing there.  They told
us to stop.  I thought there was a problem.  Then they too joined in the song.  When they opened the door for
us, even though there was a huge crowd of people Faith stood out in the crowd and she greeted me. 
    When we came out to put my things in the combi we chartered, the airport police had put a "Denver boot" on it and wanted us to pay a fine as he had left the cumbi in the handicapped zone to get me.  I brought my letter and presented it to them and though they gave him quite a lecture they did not make him pay a fine.  PRAISE the LORD!  It rained on the drive to the border.  Then we ran into a little fog.  When we got to the border I thought this would take a long while and that they would open all my bags.  Faith and the driver told me to wait in the combi while they presented my passport and the handicapped letter to the border agents.  Within 3 minutes they were back and we proceeded to the Swaziland checkpoint.  Again they presented the doc- uments for me and it was just as fast.  A good thing for us that it was because the border was closing in 5 minutes!
  The drive to Manzini from the border is only about 40 minutes
and the border is almost visible from where PEI will locate in
Swaziland in 2012  Along the way we had to deal with rain and
some really thick fog.  Once we got beyond the mountains at
Mbabane, the weather was clear and I was excited as we drove
down this very familiar road  When we passed the King's resid-
ence at Lozita, Faith told me of an attempt to blow up a bridge
we pass under.  The bomb went off premature and the two men
with the bomb were blown to sheds and a third remains in the
  When I arrived Fika's whole family was there to greet me even
though it was 11 p.m.   I stayed up very late unpacking and get-
ting organized. It was so good to see everyone.  Fika helped me
unpack and we had a very nice time talking.  I'll be seeing Bo
soon.  Thanks for your prayers!  They were anawered in so many
ways on my journey here.  Praise the LORD!

My combi and driver at Fika's house
Wednesday - December 17
  My first day in Swaziland has been quite full of blessings.  I slept about 2 hours last night and got up and worked on catching up the webpage.  Not sure when I'll be able to upload it.  After spending some time with Fika's family I brought his little sister Suthu with me and we took a combi downtown to see people, go to the bank and run some errands.  I got to see some of the Mozambiquian brothers and encourage them.  One of my shoes was coming apart so Julio was happy to fix those for me.  (Julio is a street cobbler you met during our last journey)  From there we went to exchange some money and to the bank.  Then we met up with my "son" Carlito to greet him before picking up the car from Faith.  It was in need of some tires so I was able to help out with that.  They were fast.  Only 20 minutes  Oh, I almost forgot that we stopped into Mr. Price (a clothing store where Bo is working).  His boss told me how happy she is with him.  After getting the tires we met Bo for lunch.  It was so good to see
Bo again and hear about all the things that GOD is doing in his life.  Fika also is being a
blessing.  Before I left home this a.m. Fika shared a song he wrote for me to sing.  It's
called "You Are The One" and it's powerful.  I will have a video of him singing the song
on YouTube sometime soon.  After lunch Suthu and I went a couple more places and
then to get some groceries.  The prices are outrageous.  I don't know how anyone in this
country can afford to feed their family.  I dropped the groceries and Suthu off at home
drove over to Matsapha to greet the folks at Swazi Design and then headed for Ezulwini
to greet the ladies from Worship and the Word.  Many have already left to visit family for
the holidays but I did get to see a few of them.  Then I went to "God's Livingroom" at the
Royal Swazi to try and upload the webpage and get email but there was a problem with
that and I ran out of time as I was picking Bo up after work to bring him to Fika's to get the
things I brought for him.  Fika and family went to the revival at his church so that left Bo
and I to have some time to visit.  He had dinner here and then I drove him home.  I got to
drop in at the revival just before it ended.  I was greeted warmly by the pastor and many
of the church folks.  I'll be attending the revival tormorrow night.  I brought Fika and the
family home and then Fika and I went to Bo's to take him some things he forgot.  From
Bo's I allowed Fika to drive us home.  He did really well though he said he was nervous.        Bo at lunch today.                        Fika last night at his house.
Thursday - December 18
  I was able to sleep better last night even though it wasn't long. This morning I sent text messages to many of the pastors to let them know I am now here and ready to meet with them.  Immediately the replies began coming.  Pastor George was the first one and I was able to set up a meeting with him for this a.m. in Mbabane.  I also set up several other meetings.  I met with Pastor Reginaldo and Pastor Jeronemo at REMAR and that was great.  it was so good to see them again. From there I rushed to Mbabane to meet Pastor George.  He is doing well and was very glad to see me.  I am planning to go out to Nakba
sometime early next week if I have the car. I've considered going out there by combi but it is quite dangerous because the combi drivers go too fast.   After my meeting with Pastor George I went to "God's Livingroom" to try uploading the web- page and get my email but, I was still not successful.  They are having a problem with the internet here and it's very slow.  I ran out of time because I was going to Masundvwini for the feeding of the orphans there.  "God's kids" are so special to me.  It was good to see them again.  There is a new road that goes out there now.  It was under construction when I was there in August. 
  The children and the workers were happy to see me again.  The best part of the day was getting to see Siyabonga.  He was quite sick when I saw him last.  I gave some money to help with his treatent. You did that!  The left picture is Siyabonga in August and then on the right is Siyabonga now!  He had sveral medical problems that could have ended his life but thanks to the help we gave he is now healthy and very grateful.  I enjoyed spending time with him and the other children.  Last week they had a special Christmas celebration for them and they had a great time.  I am so blessed we can be a part of the wonderful things GOD is doing for these orphan children.  They truely are "God's Kids".  THANK YOU! Continue praying for more groups in Swaziland to take on the task of feeding these children as the third day of being fed fell through and it is much needed.

Revival at Metropolitan Evangelical Church
  It's see and hear what's happening at MEC in Fairview/Manzini Swaziland.  Pastor Anthony is a fireball but the elderly founder of the church is not only an amazing preacher - known for healing, but he is also beyond funny! His messages are challenging and uplifting.  He's full of energy and enthusiasm.  I went with Fika's family to the revival tonight and chose a seat way in the back so people would not focus on the fact that this white man was present but, when the pastor arrived and saw where I was sitting he came and ushered me down to the front row to sit between him and the founder.
  Holiness is being preached at this church and the call to live a
"Holy" life is one the church is in need of today. I was blessed by
the challenge of the message tonight.  After the worship I was
introduced by the pastor and a testimony he gave about PEI and
it's work.  He invited people to visit our website where they can
also read about the work of their church and others.  Then he gave
me the microphone to greet the people.  I was so blessed to have
that opportunity.  I shared what blessing it was having Fika and Bo
minister in the USA and now they are again a blessing to Swazi-
land.  After the offering they called Fika to come and he shared
two songs.  One original and one worship song.  They were both
powerful and of course I cried when he sang.  He has such an
anointing. It's even more powerful since his return to Swaziland
and the songs he has been writing (more than 14 since August)
are amazing.  Keep praying for him!
    After the service I gave everyone a ride home before taking the
care to Faith for her journey tomorrow. It's so amazing to me how
willing she is to always share her car with me when I am in Swazi-
land.  I realize even more what a blessing it is on the days that I
don't have it and must walk.  The price of riding in a combi has
gone from R$2 to R$4 which has made life hard for people who
need to use public transportation.  In USD it's .40 cents but if a
person has to do that twice per day that's R$40 per week. That is
a lot for people who don't make so much money.  Even though
the price for fuel is down, it's still with a high price.  (Seems like
the USA)
    Tonight I am so blessed as I think about all that GOD has done
today Being here so soon is a blessing to the Swazi's
Archive Photos - August 08
Mfanawa Mswait, Pastor Anthony Matsenjwa, Pastor Kaizer Fakudze
Friday - December 19
  It's really hot here but, it's cooled down enough at night that it isn't too bad for sleeping.  There are quite a few misquitos around this time and that's something I have never really experienced here.  So far they don't like me so I think I've only got about 5 bites.  I am taking anti-malaria medication so I should be protected.  Today Faith had her car for a journey so I took a combi to town and had to walk a lot.  My foot continues to be an issue for me but, I do what I can and then rest.  I have to dodge the sun because the medication I take makes it easy to burn (I am using a 50 sunscreen to help with that.
  There was no power in downtown when I arrived so traffic was backed up everywhere since the "robots" (we
know them as traffic lights) were not working.  Police directing traffic is always interesting.  I'll leave it at that.
I spent some time with the Mozambiquian brothers encouraging them.  I was supposed to meet with Pastor
Chirwa but problems with transport kept us from doing that. I went to the market on the way from the combi to
see Gogo Simelane.  She is doing well.  She was in Joburg (via combi) yesterday to buy some things. and
said that the traffic was crazy getting there and back.  Julio (to right) is doing well.  He is busy day in and ay
out fixing shoes, handbags etc.  He's good and works very hard.  He was really happy to see me.  His father was
also there today and it was good to see him.  GOD has laid it on my heart to bring him some bread and drink
while I am here so I do that as often as I see him.  He's very grateful for that. Next to Julio is my friend Ayrton
fixing watches and cell phones and he is equally busy.  He amazes me with what he can do since he has no
formal training in fixing these things.  I have enjoyed talking with him while he works.  He loves the Word of
GOD and enjoys talking about that.
    Before coming to Swaziland I sent Faith an email with the design for the KENYA prayer bracelet and she
gave it to Fika to take to the lady who does that work for me.  (See photo right)  In the photo she is making the
Swazi bracelets.  I will have KENYA and NICARAGUA bracelets when I return from this journey.  She does a
great job and has been so blessed to be the maker of these items.
    I was able to get in touch with Bo and we decided to have lunch together bus, with no electricity that was a
challenge.  Bo was working at Mr. Price but the place was totally dark so they were getting paid to stay there
and wait for it to come back.  We took a taxi to the other end of town to see if there was power there.  It was
also off but we found a place that was running with a generator so we had lunch.  It's so good to be with Bo
and talk about what GOD is doing and his dreams for the future.  I am so thankful that GOD allowed me to
come here.
    After lunch we walked back downtown (a challenge for me in the heat and with my foot) and Bo went one
way and I went another.  I got to spend some time with my friend Carnisus at the Internet Cafe.  He's such a
blessing to me. I was very tired from the heat and making the adjustment to the time difference here so I came
back home to rest.  My nap turned into a long sleep.  I was waiting to hear from my friend at Ramar but, it was
too late for that when I woke up.  The family went to the revival again tonight.  When they got home, Fika and
I played and sang the song he wrote for me.  I'm thinking tomorrow I need to video tape that so I can upload it
to YouTube for you to enjoy.  It's an awesome song.  What a wonderful Christmas present.  I got it early!  My
friend Kish (who play piano at the Royal Swazi every other Friday) wanted me to come tonight but I didn't go
because I had no was to get there.  I'm sure I'll get to see him sometime this week.  He wanted me to come so I could sing for the guests at the resort.  I will probably take my guitar some night and sing Christmas carols in the lobby as a Christmas present to them.
Rick Warren & Barry?
Rick Warren & Barry?
  As I was working on the webpage Fika brought the newspaper to me to show me who President-elect Obama chose as a speaker for his inauguration One can only wonder what he's up to with such a move.  Since I am praying for our next president to be saved, maybe this is a link in the chain of events that will bring that about.  I must admit, at first I was questioning the movtive of Rick Warren accepting such an invitation but, who am I to do that?  So, I am inviting you to pray with me for Rick and this opportunity to represent JESUS in such an amazing way.  I'm sure there has been some warning issued to Pastor Warren about using the name of JESUS.  I only wish I would be there to hear what he has to say, and if JESUS is mentioned at all. "God" would be to broad a term for me, since that could mean Buddah to some and Allah to others.  May he not fold under pressure and leave JESUS out of his speech. 
   "LORD JESUS, may you be lifted up and glorified when your servant speaks at the inauguration of Barak Obama. Amen!"
The News in Swaziland
A NEW song from Fika Dlamini
Not long ago I was talking with Fika and asked about how things were going with his song writing.  He told me he had more than a dozen new songs since I left Swaziland in August.  I wasn't surprised.  I asked if he would consider writing one for me to sing and record.  I knew he would do it but thought it might take a while.  By the next time we talked he had the song written.  WOW!  It's a powerful song.  It's called "You Are The One" and now you can experience it on YouTube.  Visit and comment on the song.
NOW AVAILABLE - Click YouTube logo now
Saturday - December 20
  After a good night's rest I spent the morning praying, studying and organizing for the next few days.  I finally have the webpage up to date and hope to upload it today.  I'm praying I don't have problems.  I've been trying to upload a new song that Fika wrote for me to sing and record but, the internet connection I used just couldn't handle it so I will try again next time.
   We continue to
pray for favor with
the government of
Swaziland with re-
gard to our desire
to move PEI to the
beautiful site we've
chosen near Nkaba
  (Photo - Right) 
  This is a shot of
the property from
Google Earth. The
actual town is by
the yellow marker
above the picture
of His Majesty. The
shaded portion with
a white border is
the piece of land
we are asking for.
A complete prop-
osal will be pres-
ented to the gov-
ernment in May
2010 when I will
make an extended
trip to Swaziland
Please continue to
pray for us as we
negotiate with the
leaders of this king-dome.  Project E.A.R.T.H. International will be a great blessing to the people of Swaziland.  The people of Nkaba have become aquainted with out ministy and look forward to us becoming their neighbor.  Details about our proposed ministry will be available by summer 2009. 
  This afternoon I went to "God's Livingroom" at the Royal Swazi Resort" at Ezulwini to
upload wth webpage and work on email. It's a very nice place to enjoy some air condit-
ioning, work, and have opportunities for ministry.  People from all over the world are stay-
ing there and there is much opportuity to share with them about what we are doing in this
country and about the love JESUS has for them.  Today I talked with a couple from South
Africa that are here on holiday and they were asking me many details about our work here.
They asked for my contact information and said they would consider becoming supporters.
As I shared with them about JESUS and
His great love for them tears came to
their eyes and then it was time for them
to meet their friends for dinner.  We may
never know what happens with the seed
that was planted there.
    I stayed for dinner as this will probably
be my only opportunity to do that while
I am here.  I always enjoy it.  (See other
journeys for details about the food at
Royal Swazi). I am thankful for some
dear friends in DE that make it possible
for me to enjoy this on each journey to
   After dinner I returned to Manzini to
attend the revival which continued at
Metropolitan Evangelical Tabernacle (Fika's church)  The revival has been standing room only every night. I am very excited about the work that MEC is doing in Manzini.  I've seen much growth in Fika over the few months he's been in Swaziland.  Continue to pray for the church as the building project is so slowly moving ahead due to a lack of resources.  They are pressing ahead in faith. This would be a worthy project for some ministry in the USA who would like to be a blessing to a church in AFRICA.
(ABOVE) God's Livingroom - Royal Swazi Resort
(LEFT) Revival at Metropolitan Evangelical Church
Beautiful Hhelehhele, Swaziland
Beautiful Hhelehhele, Swaziland
Sunday - December 21
  It's a beautiful HOT day in Swaziland.  I'm always amazed at the beauty of this country.  Too me, the blues are bluer and
the greens are greener than anywhere I've traveled.  When I was in Swaziland in June - August everything was shades of
brown because it was winter.  Now that summer is here it's so green.  When I go to Nkaba it will be even greener!  The photo
above I took at Hhelehhele on my way to church in Duze.  Gogo Simelane lives there and I dropped by to say hello on my
way to preach at Hope Christian Church.  Gogo's church is attending a conference at their mother church just a few blocks
from Fika's house in Fairview.
    (PHOTO - RIGHT) Bishop Gamedeze's baby girl is growing and so cute - as you can see!  This is the baby we prayed they
would have after they lost their dear son in a tragic accident during my journey in 2006/2007.  Hope Christian Church is
growing and they are reaching their area of Swaziland for JESUS..  PEI is happy to be invovled with this church and also
excited to help sponsor the building of a home for the Bishop and his family that is well under way. Even tomorrow the folks
from the church will be there building.
    Though the children are having Sunday School outside in the shade of a tall tree, it's little comfort from the extreme
heat in the low feld of Swaziland with summer in full swing.  It's hard to believe it's only a few days till Christmas when you
are expreiencing weather like this.  When I checked the weather online yesterday, I saw
that the forcast was for freezing drizzle and 20 degrees in Ephrata. Amazing!
    During the service today I preached on COMPASSION!  The compassion of JESUS and
the compassion we must have for those whom HE died to save.  I shared a testimony about
the children I am going to serve in Kenya and those we are serving here in Swaziland.  I
talked about the great need of people around us and how, even a little compassion could
change their lives.  If they are going to see JESUS in us showing them HIS love and com-
passion will be one way we can demonstrate that HE lives in us.  At the end of the service
the pastor shared with the church how challenged he was by the message and reminded
them of JESUS and the story about the separating of the sheep and the goats and His
reminder that HE was hungry and they did not feed him, naked and they didn't give Him
clothes, sick and they did not comfort him, and thirsty and they gave no drink.  "When you
did it not to the least of these, you did it not to me."  Then the pastor announced that next
Sunday the church would take an offering to be given to PEI for helping the children in
KENYA.  I was in tears when I heard this.  These people have so little and yet next Sunday
they will give from what little they have to help those children!  HALLELUJAH.  I know that LORD will bless them and he will also multiply what they give to be a great blessing in KENYA. 
As you know I am headed to KENYA to work with I.C.C.M. (Inter-Continental Christian Ministries).  Currently the Founder/President -
Rev. Dr. O.M. Panicker is in India doing ministry.  It is a very dangerous time for them.  GOD is protecting them and lives are being
touched and changed. I got an email from O.M. that I must share with you.  Please read this email and do what you can. Thanks for your prayers and whatever you can do.  ~Chris
Dow's  KENYA