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South African Airways - my favorite!
Tues-January 4/5: Praise GOD from whom ALL blessings flow!
  It's always a blessing to see who will volunteer to take me to the
aiport when I am headed on a mission.  Often Pastor Brett prefers to
do it and Tom Waltman tags along. John Rush has blessed me a
few times (and I do mean "blessed").  What a servant of GOD!  This
time John was ready, Tedd Huyser also offered but Jerry Crowe was
the one who drove me.  We had a great time of fellowship on the
way and shared a nice lunch at Olive Garden (one of my favorite places. Soup, salad and breadsticks!) Thanks Jerry. We got to Washington Dulles a little after 1:00pm and check in went smoothly.  South African waived extra fees for my bags that should have been $100 USD (thank you JESUS).  A new policy however caused me to have to check my carry-on at the gate (no extra fee) but it's the one with my cameras, and other delicate electronics in it.  I was quite concerned that maybe those things would be damaged.  (I haven't had a chance to check them yet because everything at a glance looked ok.)  Thanks to your prayers getting to South Africa has been a snap.  I ate dinner at WIMPIES Hamburgers at the Joburg airport) compliments as always of my dear friends Larry and Susie)  Thanks you guys. 
  I am staying where I normally stay - (see photo above) Africa Centre Hotel.  It's clean, comfortable, safe and a place for me to get some good rest after a long journey.  It's after 4 am (11pm EDT) So it's actually the a.m. of Jan 7th. I will be picked up later today to travel again getting to my destination by evening on Thurs.
  GOD bless you, thanks for your prayers.  Please use the guestbook to share with us what happening with you.  As always - remember that is public - therefore to do ask specifics there about my location.  Email me and I will share with you how you can get more detailed information.  Be sure to include a proper email address in your Guestbook entry.  This makes it easy for me to respond to you.  Blessings!
Fri - Jan 7 - First day in a very familiar place 
  The journey here was perfect! No delays or problems.  Connected well with the person where I would be staying and he showed me around.  WOW!  It's an awesome place.  Wish I could say more.  I was up today about 3:30 a.m. as I always seem to do here.  I do my Bible Study, pray and make a plan for the day after carefully "seeking first 'God's Kingdom and His righteousness'".  It's real easy to get up and start telling GOD what our plan is to serve Him today.  But doing "my" will in "HIS" name has tragic results.  First on the agenda was to pick up the car so I have a way to get around.  When I got there, I learned the news about my friend who manages the place.  She died recently and this happened to be the day the memorial service was to take place. I praise GOD that her boss who was there from South Africa for the service was willing to work with me since I have no major credit card. He said they would honor than again when I come back later in the journey.  Hallelujah.  I was out of there in record time so I could return to my place and change in to appropriate attire for the memorial service.  My friend Mfana lead the service and included me by having me do the opening prayer!.. That was a blessing for me.  Pray for the family as they deal with this sudden loss of an amazing mother and friend.
You may remember, back in 2005 I was blessed to have Bethuel stay with me for a few weeks. Through that contact and also his brother Justus I met their mother who became such a dear friend to me.
Sat - Jan 8 - Hitting the streets of Manzini again! 
  There's something about the streets of Manzini that excites me. Even though I am still having problems with my foot and my legs, even though it's really hot, and even though there is an element of danger lurking around - being close to the people is where JESUS wanted to be and it's where I must also be.  I remember the first time I walked these streets with my dear brother Pastor Cliff - there was a sense of expectation, anticipation of what GOD was about to do through us. Often people have expressed that I represented "hope" when they saw me coming. What a humbling thought. Me? Hope? Only GOD can cause such a thought! It is JESUS who is their hope. HE is whom them seek.  I come to them simply offering
to pray for them and the struggles they face.  You are a part of that when you pray for the work that is taking place - even now!  So be faithful to pray.  While waiting to meet a pastor today I got a call from a boy who had run away from the orphanage where he was staying.  Out of concern for him I went to meet him and got him a meal.  I listened as he told me about what was troubling him.  I prayed for him and made a plan to meet him tomorrow and bring him to church and make a plan for what comes next in his life.  The best option: return to the orphanage where he is well cared for, educated and safe.  I never got to connect with the pastor.  God has a plan.
A long time friend & brother in Christ.
Sun - Jan 9 -
Speaking of "HOPE" today was such a blessing to me!  GOD is good . . . HOPE is alive!
  The church where I preached today was like a homecoming. Four hours of praise, worship, testimony and the Word of GOD!  Hallelujah!  My message was from 2 Peter 2.  Check it out and you will know what I shared.  Be sure you know the TRUTH, so the false prophets and teachers of this age will not lead you astray.  These are times when many are doing exactly what is described in 2 Peter 2. Be careful.  Hide the WORD in your heart. Do not stray from what you know is true.  Many today a busy running around looking for a "new word".  I am standing on the OLD WORD in a new time and it is a firm foundation!  My dear friend and pastor is doing a good work here and I was so blessed to be "home" with them again. Continue to pray for the Christian church in Swaziland.  There are some who would like to blow out the candle which has been the light of Swaziland for so many years.  May it burn even brighter in the darkness of this hour! 
A few words about the Online Journal
The goal of this Online Journal is: 1) to bring glory to GOD in acknowledging all that HE is doing!  HE is to be lifted up and receive honor and glory.  2) to keep you informed so you can know how to pray and so that you will be encouraged as you see your prayers being answered! 3) so that you have a way to include your friends and family by passing on the link to them.  Be sure to use the GUESTBOOK to be a blessing to us and others who go there!  GOD bless you!  Thanks for being a part of the AFRICA Prayer Team!
  Several people accepted the inviation we gave to receive JESUS as their savior today! I am still rejoicing as I think about that!  I spend the afternoon and part of the evening with the boy who ran away and he has agreed to go back to the orphanage tomorrow.  This is a good thing.  I am praying he will follow through and that GOD will give him a new attitude and that he will be blessed living there.  It is a good place for him.  They are doing a great work with the children who are in their care.
Mon - Jan 10 - Great news from a Pastor and friend:
  Today was a great day for me. For a few days I've been trying to link up with a dear Pastor and friend but, we kept missing each other.  Very early this morning we connected via cell phone and made a plan to meet in Manzini.  I had been planning to go to his home but he wanted to go out of his way to see me since I am usually traveling to see him.  I was honored by that.  We had a wonderful meeting and he shared some awesome news with me.  (You know where you can find out more about that).  I also talked with the boy who ran away from the orphanage and the plan was for him to return to the orphanage at 3 pm. today.  I have not been able to confirm that but, I feel confident that it took place since he has not called me.  He would not be permitted to have his cell phone there I think.
  Tomorrow I meet with more pastors to encourage them and make a plan for when I will see them again and get to share at their churches.  More as it unfolds!  Blessings to you!  Yes - it is hot here.  Sorry for the cold you are having in the USA! 
Tues - Jan 11 - Patience, Persistence, Compassion and Commitment
  When several of today's plans fell through and I was praying these are the words that GOD brought to mind.  On these missions, and in all of life patience is needed.  Presistence is a must. Without compassion JESUS cannot be seen and it takes total commitment to accomplish the task.  I am continually reminded that I am serving JESUS - HE is not serving me. When I have things in the right perspective these four things I've mentioned all fall in place and "ministry" happens.  Today I was able to be a blessing to so many on the streets of Manzini, in Ezulwini, and Mbabane.  There was a miscommunication that took me to Mbabane but, I saw GOD's hand at work in that and it was great!  I've enjoyed the Ford Figo that I have been driving but it developed some problems and I had to trade it. The replacement also had problems so I had to go immediately back to get a different car.  The final one was amazing and I am quite happy with it.  (Too happy!)  I had hoped to spend time with Fika today but, he's having many rehersals for a big concert Saturday so it will have to wait until tomorrow. (Patience, Persistence, Compassion, Commitment!) One of the pastor's and his wife took me out for dinner this evening and it is one of the highlights of this trip.  Keep praying.  GOD is doing great things.
Wed - Jan 12 - TIME PASSES SO QUICKLY - Making the most of every minute
  Choosing what to share in this journal is not always easy.  I struggle with the fact that for safety and security I can not give too many details here.  You know where to find them though. It's hard to believe my first week is already gone.  That leaves so little time for me to accomplish many things.  Today I was able to meet with some pastors in the morning and that was a blessing.  I spent the whole day ministering to people on the streets of Manzini.  It was amazing to watch how GOD lead people to me who needed encouragement, prayer and just someone to show some concern for them.  As I walked through downtown I was greeted by so many I've met over the years here.  They reminded me that they were at a certain church, school or event where I preached and what that meant to them.  Those testimonies were GOD's way of reminding me just how important these missions to Swaziland have been and that our investment was a good one.  So many lives have been touched and changed.  Thank you dear friends for sending me to Swaziland.  It's good to be here!  This evening I was able to get together with Fika and it was really an amazing time.  I had about 4 hours with him and the time went by too quickly.  I can only say "Thank GOD!" 
Thur - Jan 13 - GOD IS SO GOOD!
  It begins very early in the morning with a
variety of fresh vegetables, chicken, dozens
upon dozens of eggs and a lot of rice!  One
dear lady spends the day preparing a nice
chicken stew, hard boiled eggs and rice to
feed as many as 150 orphaned children at
Masundvwini.  This photo is from March 2010
when Pastor Brett Rush - Shiloh Community
Fellowship (Quarryville, PA USA) visited the
children and blessed them with his music. It
was a special day for all of us!
   Mondays and Thursdays M.O.M. (Mas-
undvwini Orphan Meals) provides this hot
meal to the children.  It's more than a meal.
They have a time of praise and worship, a
Bible story and then a meal fit for the King
himself. The children are very thankful.  PEI
helps sponsor M.O.M. 's efforts.  This year
along with helping to sponsor some food PEI has given a gift that will be used to purchase new bowls for everyone. Thank you for your support which has made this possible.  If you could spend even five minutes with these dear children you would be moved to do even more.  They have dreams of going to school, they need medical care etc.

If you would like to help PEI do more for M.O.M. here's your chance!  Make your check payable to: Shiloh Community Fellowship - earmarked for PEI - MOM, and mail it to Shiloh, P.O. Box 424, Quarryville, PA 17566.  If you need a receipt for your taxes enclose a note stating that.  Thank you!
Fri - Jan 14 - Seek first HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness!
  When I left home this morning I wasn't exactly sure what this day would be.
I left knowing that I was going to pick up a young friend, hoping that I could be
an example to today, and that he would be encouraged and blessed to come
with me on a day of ministry.  I picked him up, we committed the day to the
LORD and went on our way.  Our travels took us to Mbabane, Ezulwini, Mat-
sapha, back to Manzini, a little lunch at Symbane Cafe and a tour of Swazi
Candle.  He had never been to Swazi candle and I think he enjoyed it.  He even
got to meet the owner of that place whom I have known for quite some time.
  While my friend went to meet someone mid-morning I had time to see my
friends on the street where I always go to spend time with "the people".  It was
  We watched GOD open one door for ministry after another, and if you were
with us you would see that I greet everyone along the way.  Acknowledging the
people of the country you are visiting is important if you want to minister to
them.  I have this vision in my head of JESUS walking the streets of Manzini
greeting people as HE goes and touching them.  Praying for them. Healing the
sick.  I want to show that kind of compassion for the people.  Your prayers are helping that take place.  As a part of
today's many blessings I got to see my "son" for about 20 minutes and greet some of his family, I spent time with the family of the boy who was with me for the day and visited a dear sister and her family with who I've been close for so many years here.  By the time I got home it was 9 p.m. and I was ready for some rest.  Thanks for your prayers.
Sat - Jan 15 - A long but exciting day in the Kingdom of Swaziland
   My day began with a visit to my "son" for a haircut. (I usually do it on
my own but it was good to have him do it.)  Then he also cut his younger
brother's hair. We went downtown to get some last minute items for the
a special event in the evening. 
  PHOTOS: (Top) The child stars of CHILDREN'S TREASURE, Fikeveni
Dlamini and Lando Dlamini.  They were just entering their teen years as
this show was becoming one of Swaziland's most popular programs for
kids.  I was blessed to get to know them during that time as we were all
working out of the studios of the Christian Media Centre - which at that
time with the support of 3xM of Holland was buzzing with a variety of
radio and TV programs that were such a blessing to the views and list-
ens of the Kingdom of Swaziland and bordering countries.
  (Bottom) Lando Dlamini performs one of her original songs at TIYAS
CD Launch on Saturday evening at the Royal Swazi Convention Centre.
Next to Lando is Swaziland's own Fikeveni Dlamini who performed one
of his original songs.  He is the guitarist for TIYAS "live" band "The Bro-
ken Strings.  Fikeveni taught himself to play guitar while living in the USA
and today is quite an accomplished musican who is writing and produc-
ing music and plans to attend school in Cape Town later this year where
he will be trained in audio engineering.  His great love for music and pro-
duction my take him to a very successful career in music. As you can
see - these rising stars of Swaziland are looking good in the "old age"
now in their early 20's. Though I had not seen Lando in quite some time, she remains the funny, exciting, talented young lady I remember from the early days when we first met.  A decade has passed since these children where on that TV show.  I wonder what the next decade will bring?
  In the afternoon I was blessed to get to spend some time with another
one of Swaziland's well known celebrities - news anchor of Swazi TV.
You'll see him on Swaziland's answer to Good Morning America "The
Breakfast Show (KUSILE) and the Swazi Evening News at 7.  We had a
great time remembering nearly a decade ago when we met at Trans
World Radio when I was invited to be the guest of the poplular program
"Climbing Higher" produced by Mfana Simelane with Patience (now the
host of KUSILE on Swazi TV) and Justice.  At the time Bongane was
at the controls and the announcer.  He was hosting a program called
CCM Popular hits at the time and we "canned" a few programs with me
as a guest. I was also blessed to be a guest on Praise Oasis back then.
When you see Bongane on Swazi TV, you will see this very serious looking guy, but if you meet him in person (and
you might), he is this guy who is always smiling and ready to lend a hand if you need one.  This day was a great blessing to me.

Sun - Jan 16 - Running out of time! Where did it go?
  If I am in Swaziland, there is one thing you can count on - I will be
preaching somewhere.  There are many requests but only so much
time so it's a "first come first served" basis.  It was a blessing to be in
a very special place today where I could worship with a large number of
children.  The worship team is made up of a group of very committed
teenagers who do a great job drawing us into worshipping our GOD. I
was blessed to be a part of the service.  The message revolved around
Ephesians 4.  Check it out!
  After church I met some friends downtown and spent the afternoon
with some of my "sons". Not the ones you know well but whom you've
read about during recent journeys.  It was a blessing to me.  I dropped
them off in the evening and when I got home I was ready for bed - even though it was only 7:30.  I was up at 3:30am
and I didn't go to bed until 2:00 am so you can imagine that I was quite tired.  I am writing this at 4:00am but I had a very good night's sleep. I will be leaving this place soon, so I need your prayers as I tie up loose ends and prepare for what's next!  My guest book needs your attention.  Be sure to sign in and let me know how you are doing and what GOD is doing in your lives! 
Mon - Jan 17 - Rainy days and Mondays . . . .
  Today was like the lyrics from an old song by The
Carpenters - "Rainy Day and Mondays.  Yes, it is
Monday and it rained all day and I might say - very
hard at times! The photo is not from today but one I
took during another rainy day and there have been so
many during my time here.  It's kept is cooler but, is
hard to deal with.
  I had to travel to "my place" in the northern mount-
ains and the journey was treacherous because of a
very thick fog  The LORD was with me and I had a
safe journey.  My time with "my pastor" was precious
and he was so happy to see me.  He traveled with me
as far as Mbabane on the return.  I stopped at my
special "office" to do some work on the computer etc.
and I was there for about 4 hours.  I was able to make
some important contacts via email and facebook and you know where you can read about those details by now. I got home about 8pm and was ready for sleep by 9 pm. I am now thanking you again for your prayers which have brought great blessings to me.
Tues - Jan 18 - Final moments in Swaziland         
  Well my last day in Swaziland was a good one.  It rained every time I had to be out of the car walking.  As soon as I had to drive somewhere, the rain stopped and the sun came out.  I was up at 4am getting my bags packed, praying, studying and making sure that I was ready for the journey tomorrow. I left a few things undone.  I have a digital luggage scale so I can weigh my bags to be sure I do not go over the weight limit.  There is always one bag that is over but cannot exceed the maximum of 70 lbs.  (For that bag they charge $50USD although often they overlook it) I am always prepared to pay.
  Today I was able to see and pray for all the people I had on my list and more.  Every detail fell in place.  I was so grateful for how it all went.  In the evening I was blessed to have a friend join for some final things.  We met a friend who is keeping some of the things for me that I was unable to take because of the baggage limits.  You can always bring an extra bag but the price is $100USD and I don't like to pay that one unless what I am bringing is of great value to the people I am bringing it to!
  Now it's midnight and I am going to get some sleep as there is still much to do in the morning.  A friend will come at 6 am to see me off.
Wed - Jan 19  - Here we go again!         
  Of all the sights I see on the long ride from Swaziland to South Africa,
one of the sights that I find most interesting is what you see here. They
allow this growth in the median of the highway and then harvest it as we
do on our farms in the USA.  What a wise use of otherwise worthless
land.  We grow flowers in the median in the USA and it's pretty but it
doesn't feed animals or even make money. I love this.
  About an hour from our destination they have a place like our service
plazas in the USA but nicer.  What is more unique is what you see
when you enter the men's room.  There are giant windows that go from
chest height to the ceiling.  While you are standing there (sorry to be so
graphic), you are looking out at the plains and there are rhinos, zebras,
ostrages etc.  You could find yourself spending a long time in that rest-
room.  However, it's more interesting to me that while people are in there
doing what they have come to do they are also getting our their phones
to take pictures!  So much for privacy.  Yes, some are even posing with
their friends or asking you to take the picture for them.  (Too funny but
  We got to South Africa in good time.  The owner of the transport rode
with us at the beginning of the journey and we dropped her at her home
where I also got to meet her daughter.  After I arrived I went to the mall
for a short time, came back and fell asleep. I woke up at 2 am.
Thurs  - Jan 20 - Another opportunity to see GOD's hand at work!      
  I laid down for a short nap a little after 6 pm last night and was shock-
ed I woke and found that it was nearly 2 am.  One detail I had left for
"later" was to tell the folks where I am staying that I must take the very
first shuttle to the airport at 6 am.  Now I was repacking my luggage to
get everything the right weight.  It took me two hours and left me with
about 20 lbs over.  I had one of those cloth shopping bags the "green"
people are using a lot these days and I had to pray I could make those
things fit and that they would permit me to bring that on the plane since
I already had a full-size carry-on and a computer bag weighting too much
  Well, thank GOD the plane was nearly empty so they didn't make any
issues with me.  Hallelujah!  I will say your prayers were the biggest part
of that.  Thank you.
  At 6am I went to the desk to tell them I need to go.  They had no one
scheduled for 6 am so the guy had to prepare.  We got there in plenty
of time.  I fall a lot these days because I have a problem with balance.
At least 5 times I thought to put long pants on this morning.  Well, as
you can see I didn't do it.  This was the result of my fall.  At first it look-
ed much worse and a lot of blood.  It's ok - pray that I get no infection.
An amazing journey begins!
An amazing journey begins!
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